A Jolt of Inspiration

Do you find yourself emerging from the pandemic, excited about what’s next? It’s okay if some details are still fuzzy. As long as you’re receptive, and ready to seize the moment.

That’s not just rhetoric. It’s sage advice from some of the world’s greatest songwriters. When asked about their process, every artist has a story about how a tune came to them out of the blue. Without warning, a song arrived, fully developed.

One morning, Paul McCartney woke up with a tune in his head. The melody sounded so familiar that he was convinced the song had already been recorded by someone else. Paul told friends, “It’s a great tune, but I couldn’t have written it. Nobody gets that lucky.” So, McCartney shelved the song, whimsically called it Scrambled Eggs…and later renamed it Yesterday.

When Paul Simon wrote Bridge Over Troubled Water, he said “the song came to me all at once, I just wrote it down. One minute it wasn’t there, then it was.”

Tom Petty wrote his most popular song while aimlessly strumming his guitar. Off the top-of-his head, he riffed “she’s a good girl, loves her mama”. Tom’s pal said, “that’s great, keep going.” Petty continued, “she loves Jesus and America, too.” Within minutes, Freefallin’ was born.

Keith Richards recalls hearing the opening lick to Satisfaction in his head, while sleeping!

Call it a gift from the music gods.

Here’s my take. The best things in life happen when you least expect them. The unexpected job offer. The chance meeting with your soulmate. Finding a $20 bill. They’re subtle reminders to let things happen, embrace new opportunities and stop forcing pieces that don’t fit.

Beau Phillips is President of Rainmaker Media. 
He’s a creative marketing consultant, strategist and speaker.
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