Creative Marketing Consultant. Strategist. Speaker.

We work with large and small companies.  Established brands and start-ups. We partner with outside agencies and work directly with clients. 

Beau Phillips is Rainmaker Media’s founder and President. He brings a deep background in media, branding and creative marketing. He is also an accomplished speaker, presenter and author.

Beau guided the branding, strategy and messaging for the relaunch of VH1 television. He helped shape the channel’s identity around iconic shows like Behind The Music, Storytellers and Pop-Up Videos.

Phillips served as EVP of content and marketing for Westwood One, the largest radio network in America. He supervised dozens of shows, products and music services and managed WW1’s largest division.

As the author of I Killed Pink Floyd’s Pig, Beau chronicled his outrageous experiences with legendary rock stars, including Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones. Beau’s agent is in discussions to bring his book to television.