Amazon’s (nearly) Perfect Ad

I’m critical of advertising because most of it is contrived and ineffective.

The most convincing messages are authentic, clear and fun. We respond best when inspired and made to feel part of a shared experience. That’s why I was captivated by this ad for Amazon Music HD. It’s nearly perfect.

Click here, I’ll wait.

We’re immediately hooked by the opening licks of The Beatles’ Come Together, familiar to anyone older than Billie Eilish. Then, a visual fantasy transports us through spaghetti guitar strings and we’re mesmerized. There’s no hype, no announcer, and no fake actors.

Then, Amazon trots out its 800-pound gorilla, Alexa. The spot builds to a simple line that drives home that your favorite music is a just a shout away.

A Voice Is All You Need

This works as a positioning statement and a call-to-action. When the 30 second ad is over, you’re almost disappointed. And Amazon wisely crafted other versions that feature rappers and pop stars. In each, the message is simple, clean and seductive.

Here’s my take. With 70% of the smart speaker market, Amazon puts the squeeze on Spotify, Apple and Pandora.

The only problem is, this looks like an Apple ad, with the same streamlined, coolness. Ordinarily that’s a smart approach. But this campaign could easily backfire and confuse Amazon’s Alexa with Apple’s Siri.

Apple might benefit at Amazon’s expense.

But there’s a larger battle brewing. Amazon has their sights set on your car’s digital dashboard. Soon, Alexa will be available in General Motors vehicles.

And when your voice controls the music in your Camaro, say goodbye to commercial radio.


Next: Pandora’s Box(ed)

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