America’s Gone To Pot

The state of New York has declared they will legalize marijuana, joining California, Illinois, Michigan and most western states. Of course, weed is still a federal offense. But with 16 of America’s largest states onboard, how long before the rest of the country goes to pot?

Colorado and Washington were the first two states to approve marijuana for “recreational” use (so zombie stoners could get high on their treadmills?). Nearly ten years later, how’s it going? There are a million factors to consider, both social and financial.

And don’t kid yourself which one counts more.

According to the Cato Institute, legalization of marijuana had ‘minor effects’ on increased drug use – or crime – or productivity. The one notable exception is the boost in state tax revenue. Both Colorado and Washington added $2 billion to their economies. Now, other states are salivating.

So, has legalization reached the tipping point?

Here’s my take. It’s inevitable. Even the conservative southern states will legalize the devil’s weed when the lure of cash becomes impossible to ignore.

Plenty of people might try pot once it’s legal. But they hate the act of smoking and would never show their face at a dispensary. But if there was a convenient, anonymous way to consume pot, watch the floodgates open. 

Enter Josh Kirby, creator of Kin Strips. They’re a thin film that slips under the tongue, like a Listerine breath strip. Kin Strips deliver cannabis directly into the bloodstream.   No muss, no fuss, no back-alley drug deals. In fact, Kirby envisions Kin Strips will be stocked in your local Walgreens.

Soon, New York will experience the convergence of temptation, convenience and abundance. Will reefer madness be unleashed on the Big Apple?

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