Bend Over and Grab Your Wallet

I have seen the future of healthcare…and it’s going to cost you.

The pandemic chased hundreds of doctors into early retirement. Fed up with the stress of an overworked practice, they sold out to conglomerates and ran for the exits. Meanwhile, medical expenses are soaring, boomers are aging and there’s a shortage of healthcare workers.

But help is on the way. Your concierge doctor will see you now.

A typical medical practice might have 3,000 patients and squeeze in 40 folks per day. Concierge docs care for about 600 patients and visits last as long as needed.

There’s no deductibles, no insurance hassles. And I’ve heard rumors of people getting same-day appointments!

Concierge care is emerging as a major game changer, if you can afford it. Think of concierge docs as your all access pass to the best physicians and specialists.

For a monthly fee of $150-$400 (not covered by your insurance), you’ll get personal attention from doctors who know the healthcare game from the inside. They know the players and can pull strings to diagnose your symptoms, analyze lab results, and recommend treatment.

Here’s my take. Having a personal relationship with your physician may sound familiar. It used to be that way. Now we pay extra. Today, I doubt my doctor could pick me out of a line-up.

So, concierge care is an added layer of expertise from seasoned doctors who still have the chops to heal people. Plus, they make great money without the headaches of wrangling with insurance providers.

That said, concierge care is another harsh example of entitlement. Two classes of people with two sets of rules. The privileged get first-rate care while the poor and elderly struggle.

Ain’t that America.

Beau Phillips is President of Rainmaker Media. 
He’s a creative marketing consultant, strategist and speaker.
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