Helicopter On Mars?

Did you watch the recent Mars landing? If you missed it, I’ve posted the link below.

NASA & JPL launched the ‘Perseverance’ rover last summer. A 600 million mile journey to the Red Planet to search for ancient life. There’s very little atmosphere on Mars and many missions have vaporized upon arrival. So, a safe landing isn’t a given. Especially when you consider that everything must function flawlessly. Literally, a million parts and coordinated movements must work to perfection.

Perseverance screamed into Mars’ atmosphere at 16,000mph. It tapped the brakes, deployed a sky crane, and lowered a rover vehicle to the planet’s surface. It will collect samples and data for years to come.

So far, we’ve seen incredible images of the Mars landing. And we really needed this feel-good moment. America had reason to celebrate as iconic landmarks glowed red across the country. Joe Biden congratulated the NASA team. Even Krispy Kreme created Mars-themed donuts.

But here’s the coolest part…

Soon, the rover will birth a helicopter that’s concealed in its belly. A 4-pound drone that comes with its own name: Ingenuity. It will be the first aircraft to fly on another planet.

Here’s my take: First, the obvious significance of mission called Perseverance. As a metaphor for 2020, we can all relate. But NASA couldn’t know how appropriate that name would be when the spacecraft launched last July.

I love SpaceX’s brash spirit…if they don’t blow up. But when NASA’s engineers say ‘failure is not an option’, believe it. They’re responsible for the technology behind GPS, CAT scans, camera phones, wireless headsets, athletic shoes and more.

So, congrats to NASA, JPL and everyone who respects science!

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