Does Anyone Remember Laughter?

Heard any good jokes lately? Me neither.

After a soul-crushing year, we’ve sorely missed the sound of laughter. Man, we could use a good chuckle. But, humor has been in short supply.

Laughter has the power to lift our spirits, to heal and bring us together. In happier times, we had clever comics and late-night TV hosts. But it’s been crickets. Even brands take themselves too seriously. Now, microwave popcorn is socially responsible and Fruit Loops has an opinion on global poverty.

Then, Bernie led us out of the darkness.

Years from now, people will search Bernie Sanders’ name and learn how he gave us the green light to smile again. After decades of public service, those mitten memes will be Bernie’s legacy.

Here’s my take. The storm clouds are passing and there’s a glimmer of light ahead. I even saw Kamala Harris laughing with Mike Pence. Somehow it feels safe to smile again. Even if it’s hidden behind your mask.

That said, let me share my favorite joke, courtesy of guitar legend, Joe Walsh…

A pirate goes to his insurance agent and says, “I want to file an injury claim. As you see, I’ve got a peg leg, eye patch and a hook for a hand.”

The agent asked, “Wow, what happened?”

The pirate recalled, “a storm was ragin’ in the North Sea. A big wave hit, I got tossed overboard and a shark bit off my leg.”  

“Geez. How did you lose you hand?”

On a roll, the pirate continued. “The wind was howling off Cape Horn. So I was taking down the sails. My hand got tangled in the ropes and got torn clean off.”

“Ouch! What about your eye patch?”

The pirate recalled, “Ahhh, the seas were calm in the Caribbean. I looked up to the sky when a seagull crapped in my eye.”

The agent scratched his head, “I’m sure that was uncomfortable, but how did you lose your eye?”

The pirate smiled, “it was my first day with the hook.”


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