Drive-In Concerts (Having Fun, Yet?)

We’re tired of being stuck at home, bored out of our minds. We’re so starved for entertainment, we’ll blow two hours on Tiger King. Now, it’s drive-in concerts.

I really miss live music. But I’ll pass on parking lot shows.

When the pandemic shut down movie theaters, streamers like Netflix filled the void. But concerts are different. You’ve gotta be there for the adrenaline rush when the lights go down. Live music is a shared, mind-body experience that can’t be replicated in your Camry.

I was surprised when Garth Brooks performed at drive-ins across America. He hit up fans for $100 per carload. With the pandemic raging and rampant unemployment, Garth hauled in a reported $7 million…to watch his concert film.  

How tone deaf. At least give some to charity, man.

Here’s my take. So, are drive-in concerts just a clever stunt, a money grab? Or am I missing something?

I asked Bob Lefsetz (of the Lefsetz Letter), a thought leader in the music industry. “Drive-in concerts are a curio. If you go and enjoy yourself, more power to you. But they don’t make sense economically, they don’t scale.”

I suppose drive-in concerts are better than nothing, if you don’t mind lousy sound, worn screens and stale popcorn.

I get that artists are restless. But set aside the economics for now and focus on reconnecting with fans. We need you.

Joe Walsh hosts a radio show. Snoop Dogg endorses weed and Alice Cooper personalizes video messages. Fine. But more artists should do free, intimate living room gigs. Take us behind the music, share stories and show us around your studio.

Remind fans why we care.

Beau Phillips is President of Rainmaker Media. 
He’s a creative marketing consultant, strategist and speaker.
Reach him at 203-256-9347 

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  1. I guess this old! But I produced the worlds first and largest drive in show with Southside Johnnyin May and it was fantastic. In fact we played/produced 9 others and they were all fun and successful from the fan side. Think like a fan and make everybody a star. Yes you are missing something!!

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