Eric Clapton’s Years of Tears

Some called him Slowhand. Others revered him as ‘God’. But if you ask the man, Eric Clapton would probably prefer being called ‘dad’.

You’ve heard the story behind Clapton’s ode to his late son, Tears In Heaven. After surviving fame, booze, heroin, fractured bands and broken relationships, he’d finally found his purpose in life: fatherhood.

Connor filled the void – and his death nearly broke Clapton. 

Losing a child is every parent’s nightmare. But imagine the pain of writing that song, performing it and reliving the horror every night. It had to take amazing strength.

So, when Eric Clapton’s tour passed through my town, I wanted to honor him in a meaningful way. Clapton deserved a grand show of affection that involved his fans. Not just a ticket giveaway to the 10th caller. Here’s what we did.

Seeing Eric Clapton in his prime was transcendent. But sadly, we may have seen him perform for the last time. In a cruel twist of fate, he suffers from acute neuropathy, a nerve condition that’s affected his dexterity. So, once again, Eric Clapton must be strong, and carry on.

Next week Eric Clapton will turn 75. Happy birthday dad.

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