Faux Weather Channel

Have you heard? Rupert Murdoch will soon launch the Fox Weather channel. It’ll be a streamed network that promises to do for weather what Fox News has done for politics.

Cable TV news ratings are down 38%, while the Weather Channel was up 7 percent. The reason is obvious. As the climate change issue gets twisted and politicized, it’s increased our appetite for weather programming.

So, follow the money.

Will Fox Weather be fair and balanced, or a mecca for climate deniers? A science-based channel, or alternate facts? The debate rages as our planet broils, setting new heat records each of the past ten years. Despite that 97% of scientists agree that humans impact climate change, there’s still plenty of doubt. And that’s precisely who Fox wants to reach. So, they’ve hired legions of meteorologists and analysts to assure us that everything is normal.

Here’s my take. They say that everyone complains about the weather, but nobody does anything about it. Give Fox credit for recognizing that climate change is the top story for the next ten years.

Here’s a preview…

A team of bleach blondes anchor the weather desk. Cut to Sean Hannity who explains how wind turbines cause cancer. Stay tuned for Ted Cruz who blames farting cows for greenhouse gasses. Coming up, the My Pillow guy demonstrates how to rake your forest. And don’t miss Tucker Carlson interview flat-earthers, who have real proof!

Cut to graphics that imply China is responsible for melting polar ice caps.

We’re back with Congressman Mo Brooks who believes rising sea levels are caused by big rocks falling into the ocean. Then, we go bow hunting with Ted Nugent in Antarctica as he hunts down the last polar bears.

As Rupert Murdoch licks his chops.

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