Get A Grand. Give A Grand.

A wise man once said, “Everybody’s got a plan until they get punched in the face”.

Okay, it was Mike Tyson. But, he’s right.

The coronavirus hit us fast and hard. Now, we feel like human petri dishes, isolated in our homes. But don’t despair. Slivers of light are piercing the dark clouds – and selfless humanity is shining through.

It started with this clip of quarantined Italians who spontaneously began singing from their balconies. Ahhh, the healing power of music.

Then, companies stepped up and offered to pay their people through this crisis. Followed by landlords who waived rent payments.

Props to the nurses, cops and supermarket workers who man the front lines and expose themselves to infection. And to the grocery stores that quickly responded with senior shopping hours.

Schools are closed. So, a wonderful, online program was created for housebound children who believe in science. NASA At Home helps kids learn about space, in lieu of a classroom.

And how about the guy who left a $9,400 tip for the staff at a café in Grand Central Station?

Here’s my take. The government may send $1,000 checks to every American adult. For those who don’t really need the money, why not do some good with it?

You know, pay it forward.

Maybe pay the rent for a struggling neighbor. Or, pick-up the childcare tab for working parents.  Offer to help pay some bills. Drop off bags of snacks. Show kindness and ‘be best’, as they say.

And to the idiots who hoarded TP, I wish you explosive diarrhea.

C’mon people, we’re better than that.

Beau Phillips is President of Rainmaker Media. 
He’s a creative marketing consultant, strategist and speaker.
Reach him at 203-256-9347 

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