Got My Data, Now What?

There’s no question that A.I. has transformed our lives for the better.

What’s A.I.?

It’s shorthand for Artificial Intelligence, the advanced machine learning that controls 99% of your airplane flight, predicts stock market fluctuations, and helps cure diseases. A.I. is a computerization of human-like intelligence. In theory, it can learn, reason, plan, perceive, and process language.

But A.I. lacks common sense. And sometimes, A.I. gets it wrong. It predicts sunshine on rainy days. Driverless cars can’t yet learn how to merge. And computers also assured the L.A. Dodgers would play in the World Series. So much for Moneyball.

While A.I. is a powerful tool, it takes people to anticipate the unknown, interpret data and develop real-life solutions. Only humans can inject imagination and ingenuity. And sometimes, people must must make bold, gut decisions. 

I’m amused by radio stations who overly rely on data, and totally miss the point. They spend millions to learn that listeners prefer to hear ‘variety, a mix of their favorite songs’. Armed with those obvious insights, that phrase is cut & pasted into radio slogans across the country. As if repeating those words will be convincing. Rather than engage listeners with creative branding, stations restate data findings that make no emotional connection.

Here’s My Take: So, what happens now?

First, recognize that research is like a lamp post. It should be used to illuminate, not to lean on. Big data without big ideas is like a rocket without fuel. Next, let the creative types spin that A.I. data into gold. Start by re-branding A.I. with a less-clinical, more user-friendly tone.

Maybe Astounding Innovation?


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