How To Stop Robocallers

Have you noticed that telemarketers are more aggressive?

Since the advent of VOIP, phone scammers can blast out millions of calls for mere pennies. And they’re smart. More fake calls are coming from within your area code and are tempting to answer.

After being tricked into answering and hearing their deceptive pitch, spammers expect us to buy their product. Clearly someone missed the memo on permission marketing. But they deal in such tremendous volume, telemarketers can prey on confused seniors and make a killing.

Not surprisingly, robocalls are the #1 consumer complaint. The FCC spends hundreds of millions to stop illegal telemarketers. But, it’s not working. There’s still no bulletproof way to block spam calls. Somehow, we have the technology to fly helicopters on Mars, but can’t stop telemarketers. Maybe our legislators are too busy banning drag shows.

Potential Spam is my most frequent caller. Now, I’m mad as hell.

Here’s my take. We must totally disrupt telemarketers. Here’s how:

First, hire the best web developers from the most despicable robocaller companies. Have them develop a world-class call filter and make it available for free. Who’s more qualified to build a spam blocker than a hacker who’s outsmarting the FCC?   

Next, put AI to work and have artificial voices engage with robocallers. Millions of prospective customers will sound interested, but never buy. Live operators will be overwhelmed with fake callers who’ll string them along and talk nonsense. Imagine:

Me:  Hello.

Telemarketer: Hi! Did you know that your car warranty has expired?

Me:   No kidding, what should I do?

TM:   Well, I can save you a lot of money.

Me:   Sounds great! (pause) Life is short, but it’s wide.

TM:   Uhh, okay. How many drivers are in your family?

Me:   Feed my fingertips to the wolverines.

TM:   Excuse me?

Me:  The human head weighs 8 pounds.

TM:   Sir?

Let’s waste scammers’ time, like they waste ours.

Beau Phillips is President of Rainmaker Media. 
He’s a creative marketing consultant, strategist and speaker.
Reach him at 203-256-9347 

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