How Ya Doin?

The Eagles are touring again. But, it’s not really The Eagles anymore. Now, it’s just a money grab. Thankfully, they still have Joe Walsh.

Joe is the heart and soul of the Eagles.

I first met Joe when he filled in as the afternoon DJ on KISW in Seattle. He was bored during The Eagles’ long hiatus and looking to have some fun. So, we offered $10,000 for Joe to take over our airways for a week.

A friend at the Sheraton offered free suites for Joe and his road manager. Though I did have to assure them that Joe’s destructive behavior was a myth.

Of course, I lied. His visit was beyond memorable.

On Monday, Joe arrived at the station, shook everyone’s hand and asked us, ‘how ya doin?’ He’s the coolest, least pretentious dude. And he had a blast playing tunes and talking with listeners. On Two-For-Tuesday, Joe asked a favor. “There’s some artists I can’t stand. Everything they do sounds the same. Can I play both of their songs at the same time? It goes by faster.”

Apologies to Steve Miller and Phil Collins.

After Joe wrapped up on Friday, we were elated…until I got a call from the Sheraton’s General Manager asking, “Who’s going to pay Mr. Walsh’s bill?”

“What? You told me his rooms would be comped.”

“They were. But he left $10,000 in room charges. Apparently, Joe didn’t just raid the minibar, he ordered up $1,700 in booze. The other $8,300 paid to replace every sheet, blanket, towel and curtain that Joe shredded and piled on the bed.

His manager shrugged it off, “Yep, it sounds like Joe to make 10 grand and blow it all. Just send me the bill.”

Yes, life’s been good to Joe Walsh, who turns 74 on Saturday.

How ya doin’ my friend?

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  1. “Everything they do sounds the same.” said the guy who recorded “Life’s Been Good” and “Ordinary Average Guy”. Then again, he also did “Walk Away” and “The Confessor”, so never mind.

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