I Played Golf With Jimi Hendrix’s Dad

It was a rare, sunny day in Seattle. So, I ducked out for a quick round of golf. As I headed for the first tee, the speaker blared, “on the tee, Johnson twosome, Phillips and Hendrix single.”

The four of us introduced ourselves and hit our first shots. The Johnsons took off in a golf cart while Mr. Hendrix and I sauntered down the fairway.

As we walked, I found myself staring at Mr. Hendrix. Something about him was familiar, but I couldn’t place him.

Then it hit me. He looked like Seattle’s own Jimi Hendrix. Could this be Jimi’s dad?

I summoned the courage to ask, “Sir, are you Al Hendrix, Jimi’s father?” He smiled and nodded yes. From then on, my golf game went to hell. So, I tagged along with the man who gave us the world’s greatest guitarist. Al Hendrix was a soft-spoken man in his 70s. A gentle soul with a ready smile. I was careful not to overwhelm him, but I couldn’t resist, “Al, would you tell me something about Jimi that most people don’t know?”

Mr. Hendrix smiled, “Well, as a young man I worked as a house cleaner. One day, I brought home a ukulele that someone had left behind and gave it to Jimi. From then on, all he wanted to do was plunk on that ukulele. When he was 12, I bought him a second hand, electric guitar. Jimi grabbed it, ran to his room and played it day and night. He took that guitar everywhere and even started a band with some friends. But Jimi got bored playing cover songs and started to experiment with new things. So, I wasn’t surprised by his crazy guitar sounds and wild-clothes. That was my Jimi.”

After Jimi died, there was a legendary battle for Jimi’s assets and Al Hendrix had to surrender his son’s belongings. “In the end, I got some guitars and a few bucks. But my family took away my rights to Jimi’s music.”

Jimi Hendrix would’ve been 80 this Sunday. 

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