Suffering from TV Overload?

Is it just me? Or is it nearly impossible to keep up with all the streaming movies and TV shows?

When the pandemic hit, we headed indoors – and turned on our TVs. Almost immediately, streaming videos exploded in popularity, gave a wedgie to network TV and made us forget about movie theaters.

More than 60% of American households subscribe to SVOD (streaming video on demand) services. There’s 270 streaming companies – and more on the way.

The problem is, good shows are scattered around. It seems that each SVOD service offers a few, exclusive gems…in a sea of mediocrity. Still, it’s hard to keep track. Was that on HBO or HBO Max? To further confuse us, streamers cross-promote each other. Subscribe to Starz and get HULU. Join Verizon and get Disney+. And by the way, some episodes are split between SVOD and cable channels. 

More choices, more chaos…and it will only get worse.

Everyone’s looking for their next favorite show. But it’s hard to find the good stuff, and weed out the bad. Sure, there’s Rotten Tomatoes. But it’s ahodgepodge of exaggerated reviews – that rarely agree with public opinion. And despite good ratings, there’s no guarantee that you will enjoy the show.

If you don’t like westerns or horror flicks, good ratings don’t matter. Bill & Ted had excellent adventures, but they’re not for everyone. Both Die Hard and Little Women score 95% on Rotten Tomatoes. But they appeal to very different audiences.

Here’s my take. Viewers need a definitive source for finding the best films and TV shows. A simple, elegant tool that culls through thousands of titles and recommends shows we’re bound to like.

I’m working on an idea to solve this. Stay tuned.

Beau Phillips is President of Rainmaker Media. 
He’s a creative marketing consultant, strategist and speaker.
Reach him at 203-256-9347 

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