It’s Taylor’s World (we just pay rent)

While the music business celebrates disposable artists, Taylor Swift just rewrote the record books. In just five days, sales for her new album, Midnights, topped 1.4 million. Songs from the album filled the top 10 slots on Billboard’s chart. And both Spotify & Apple Music proclaimed Midnights as their most streamed album (in one day).

In other words, Taylor Swift just had the biggest week in the history of the music industry.

Now here’s the clincher. Taylor blew up the music world without traditional media. Sure, she’ll mug for magazine covers and hit late night TV. But for Taylor, it’s just a chance to plug her upcoming stadium tour.  

Which will sell out immediately.

Make no mistake, Taylor Swift is a marketing guru, a super influencer before it was a thing. She does it the old-fashioned way, she earns it. Taylor has cultivated a loyal following and treats them right. She keeps fans guessing with hidden messages in her videos and famously surprises them with personally chosen gifts. Taylor hosts album release parties at her home and brings fans backstage for tea parties. In return, ‘Swifties’ are determined to help her succeed.

And that really pisses off Taylor haters.

Here’s my take. It’s an American tradition to build up our heroes, only to knock them down. Right Kanye?

You’ve got to admire how Taylor Swift shook it off and channeled that negativity to fuel her mission as the ‘Anti-Hero’ (also the title of her new single). Of course, every move is calculated. But give Taylor her due. To her legions of fans, she’s just an innocent, 32-year-old girl with bad taste in men. They love how Taylor speaks her mind and is transparent in her lyrics. By baring her flaws, Ms. Swift empowers millions of young women.

And that’s better than a hit album.

A friend who’s known her since the beginning confided, “Taylor has amazing instincts and knows exactly what to do. It’s like she’s already seen this movie.”

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