Paying The Cost To Be The Boss

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this captures Bruce Springsteen in action. He’s transcendent onstage, the best I’ve ever seen.

However, this ticket fiasco has really stained the Boss’ reputation.

For those who missed it, tickets for Bruce’s upcoming tour just went on sale. The face price for the best seats are selling for $4,000+. The backlash came fast and furious as fans called out the outrageous greed. The question isn’t whether Springsteen deserves top dollar. But should he? Bruce rose from the streets of the Jersey shore on the backs of the working class. So, he seems tone deaf to the fans who’ve supported him for decades.

Ticketmaster is determined to squeeze out ticket scalpers. So, they’ve introduced ‘dynamic pricing’, based on supply and demand. High-priced tickets don’t leave much profit for ticket resellers. But it closes the door on most fans.

In fairness, Springsteen may be innocent. But the optics are bad. Bruce has said nothing and it looks like he’s ducking for cover. And it doesn’t help when his manager defends the ticket prices as being “fair”.

Now, this ticket debacle has turned into a dumpster fire.

Here’s my take. I don’t know enough to place the blame. But I do have an idea how to stop the bleeding.

Bruce should meet the moment and own it. Make a statement that shows his true character by announcing the cancellation of all shows. Refund everyone’s money, with a guaranteed ticket voucher. Then re-price tickets and go on sale again, giving original ticket buyers first access.

Bruce should donate a portion of the proceeds to voter rights, Planned Parenthood etc. Then offer a free live stream of his opening night concert.

Sure, it’ll cost some money. But nobody’s feeling sympathetic now.

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