People Are Like Tea Bags

Put them in hot water to find out how strong they are.

We’re all feeling the heat, anxious about what’s next. I’m no economist, but this seems like a sea change. A pivotal moment in our lives.

If you believe in science, Covid19 will be a threat for years. So, don’t wait for the phone to ring. Get the jump on new ideas that improve our lives. Be part of the renaissance in teleworking solutions, enhanced cleaning services, office designs, airplane filtration, sports arena safety etc.

Here’s my take: As we emerge from isolation, come out swinging. Polish your transferable skills and lean into what’s next. America is wide open for reinvention – and the opportunities are hiding in plain sight…

Up to 40% of us will work remotely. So, the need for home office support will explode. Networking, communications tools, tech support. And daycare (parents are nodding).

Remote learning has arrived. So, college enrollments will plummet, along with tuition fees. As families consider the cost of an education, video trainers like Masterclass should recruit the best teachers in every field.

Anything that can be delivered, will be. From mobile haircuts and nail salons to in-home massage. Watch for huge growth in same-day services as Amazon launches their long-rumored delivery drones.

Every office building, restaurant, concert venue and movie theater needs to provide a super-safe experience. Expect next-gen office cleaning services.

Fewer commuters means fewer gas stations. Maybe convert them into drive-through, pick-up hubs?

Malls might replace anchor stores with dozens of small pop-up stores. And at night, it becomes a gaming arena.

Hopefully, someone can solve virtual dating. It’s hard to have a fulfilling relationship from six feet away. Talk about safe sex!

Beau Phillips is President of Rainmaker Media. 
He’s a creative marketing consultant, strategist and speaker.
Reach him at 203-256-9347 

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