Pink Floyd’s Pig Flies Again

A special edition of Pink Floyd’s albumAnimals will be released tomorrow. It’s available on CD, vinyl, Blu-ray, DVD, smoke signals…and anything else Sony Music can monetize.

The band members sold away their rights long ago. So, this is just a money grab.

Animals is a bleak concept album, inspired by George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Roger Waters’ dark side is on full display, depicting people as animals, with pigs as the ruling class. To celebrate Animals’ release, Pink Floyd commissioned a 40’ inflatable pig to be featured on the album cover…and fly over the concert crowds.

But, Pink Floyd’s pig escaped right after the photo shoot. With a belly full of helium, it broke free from its tether and climbed 30,000’ above the London Harbor. Pilots reported sightings of a flying pig, causing all planes to be grounded at Heathrow Airport.

The pig was ultimately shot down and recovered. That wouldn’t be the last time that Pink Floyd’s pig was mortally wounded.

Here’s my take. When I heard that Pink Floyd was coming to Seattle, I pitched an idea to their management. ‘We’d like to promote your concert by suspending the pig above our radio station for the days leading up to the show’.

In a weak moment, they agreed.

Days later, a large crate of pink fabric was dropped in our station’s parking lot. Our staff cracked it open, inflated the pig and hoisted it above the studios. It floated majestically over the city.  

Then disaster struck.

On the morning of Pink Floyd’s concert, the pig disappeared and all hell broke loose. Ultimately, the pig was retrieved and flew that night in Seattle’s Kingdome.

Check out the whole, crazy story of how I Killed Pink Floyd’s Pig.

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