Stairway To Stupid

It takes a lot of courage to share this embarrassing tale. But here goes.

Robert Plant was bigger than life as Led Zeppelin’s front man. After the band split up, he released a solo album and hit the road with his new band. 

A few days before Plant’s opening night show, his record label rep called with an offer I couldn’t refuse. “Would you like to meet Robert before the show? He’d like to hear how fans are reacting to his new album.” 

Cool! Absolutely! Wow! Thanks!

I’ve met lots of rock stars and am comfortable around them. But hanging out with Robert Plant was on my bucket. So, I was excited and a bit nervous as the rep and I entered his backstage dressing room. I was expecting the usual assortment of booze bottles and sleazy groupies. Instead, just a few chairs and a picked-over veggie tray. 

It could’ve been Donny Osmond’s green room.

A side door opened and the golden god strode toward me. He smiled and stuck out his hand, “Hi, I’m Robert.” We chatted for awhile before I picked my moment to dazzle Plant with my genius. “Robert, help me understand a line in Stairway To Heaven. What do you mean there’s a bustle in your hedgehog?” 

As the words left my lips, I wished I could pull them back. What the hell did I say? Hedgehog? I know the words to Stairway backward and forward. But my nerves kicked in and I blew all credibility

Plant leaned back and laughed. “No mate, it’s hedgerow, not hedgehog!” He went on to describe springtime in England and something about birds chirping.

But by then I just wanted to vanish.  

Robert Plant turns 74 on Saturday. Oooh, and it makes me wonder if he still remembers.

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