The Doctor Is (always) In

Jeff Bezos is at it again. It’s not enough to dominate online retail, space exploration and grocery stores. Now, he’s coming for us. 

If you missed the story, Amazon just acquired One Medical, a leading telehealth provider. They’re famous for personal care and virtual access to doctors…24/7. So, if your kid wakes up crying at 3am, an expert is there to help from the comfort of your home.


This puts Amazon in terrific position to leverage their heft and steer the healthcare industry. Starting with a direct mail campaign to their 175 million Amazon Prime users.

In buying One Medical, Bezos can redefine the doctor-patient relationship and offer a service that’s on-demand, around-the-clock. Just like he did with online shopping.

As a One Medical member, you’ll get virtual doctor visits that last as long as needed. They will centralize your medical records, order prescription renewals, and refer you to specialists. There’s no deductible and they’ll even help navigate insurance hassles.

Quality service for $12 per month, the cost of a six-pack. That’s insane.

Here’s my take. This is a brilliant idea that will surely transform healthcare. But it got me wondering, what happens if One Medical is too successful? Let’s assume that 1% of Amazon Prime customers sign up. How will doctors care for 1.7 million virtual patients? I’m sure Bezos will figure it out.

Years from now, people won’t believe that we used to call a doctor’s office to schedule a visit. Then, wait three weeks before driving to the clinic and wasting a half hour in a crowded reception area. Followed by more waiting in the exam room. Ending with a rushed chat with your doctor.

Please pay on your way out.

Beau Phillips is President of Rainmaker Media. 
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