The Secrets of Navy SEALs

America is torn in half, split on almost everything. The haves and have nots. The land of I’ve got mine, go get yours. Our states are anything but united.

It’s hard to imagine America coming together as one. But our healing might start with a life lesson from the Navy SEALs. Regarded as the most elite warriors in the world, SEALs must survive the harshest physical and mental challenges.

When asked what it takes to be a SEAL, one answered, “I can’t tell you the type of person that makes the grade. But I can tell you who doesn’t. It’s not the guys who show up with big muscles, looking to prove how tough they are. It’s not the polished leaders who delegate responsibility. It’s not the star college athletes who’ve never been truly tested.”

None of them make it.

Every Navy SEAL who’s selected shares one thing in common – a commitment to having each other’s back. After being tested to their core, SEALs find a way to rise above the pain. Totally spent, they dig deep and somehow find the energy…to help the guy next to them.

Here’s my take. Maybe we’ve got it backwards. It’s not about our strength, or self-righteousness. Our country needs more decency, more compassion.

And in a small way, it’s happening. A silver lining amidst the chaos. 

Animal shelters across the country are reporting steep declines in available pets. Demand has been so overwhelming, you can hardly find a dog to rescue. People of all ages, races, and parties have adopted animals during the pandemic – sparing thousands of them from kill shelters.

And that’s a start.

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