Want Loyalty? Get A Dog.

Is ‘company loyalty’ an oxymoron? It seems that job churn is the new normal.

Millennials get ridiculed for switching gigs if the new place offers better snacks and a game room. But as a father of millennials, I think they get a bad rap. Yes, they fearlessly fly without a net and quit jobs without a Plan B. But there’s a good reason.

They’ve lost trust.

Millennials were sold on the promise of ‘work hard and you’ll be rewarded’ – only to be blindsided by layoffs, re-orgs and salary freezes. Without a sense of job security, they grew thicker skin. They sought meaningful work where their passion was reciprocated. So, millennials are committed until they’re not.

Loyalty swings both ways.

This generation turned the tables on employers by insisting on mobility and work-life balance. They learned to boost their value by quitting and working elsewhere, then getting recruited to come back for more money.

More importantly, millennials have set the bar for Gen Z, who are now entering the workforce.

Here’s my take: Stability used to be the goal in life. Find a great job/partner and grow together. Now, we’re chasing the shiny, new thing. We’re convinced that happiness lies in the next job, or next marriage.

Is it realistic to expect loyalty anymore? Not when managers fail to grow their people. Not when half of couples split up. Not when families are divided over politics.

If you want loyalty, count on your friends and pets. They love you unconditionally and don’t care if you’re the janitor or the CEO. They’ve always got your back and won’t complain if you didn’t shower.

As for company loyalty, it’s a mirage.

Beau Phillips is President of Rainmaker Media. 
He’s a creative marketing consultant, strategist and speaker.
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  1. 100% I gave 30 years to the network. They gave me 12 weeks severance. Corporations are run by millionaires who have forgotten how regular people live… or never knew… or never cared. If you don’t spend Christmas in the South of France, what’s wrong with you? Let them eat cake.

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