Welcome To The Motel California

I wasn’t thrilled about staying at a motel. But my wife assured me, “it looks cool, you’ll love it”.

I envisioned a dilapidated, concrete bunker with cinder block rooms painted the color of toothpaste. The carpet reeking of neglect and dog pee.

Instead, we drove under a brightly-colored arch and were transported to a funky, chic, desert oasis. Sure, the rooms are small and basic. But they’re clean and include some nice touches – a huge screen TV, memory foam mattress and fully remodeled bathroom. The a pool area beckons with comfy loungers, fire pit, ping-pong and breakfast bar with live entertainment.

But what sold me was the décor. The McCoy is adorned with clever, whimsical murals, painted by local artists. Guests couldn’t help but snap pictures for Instagram.

As usual, my wife was right.

Here’s my take. Thousands of dilapidated motels litter the American landscape. What if they were transformed and given new life? Rather than bulldoze these eyesores, turn them into cool-but-cheap destinations.

Motel 6 hasn’t had a good idea since Tom Bodett left the light on for us. What if they converted some older properties into Rock & Roll Motels? Give them a fresh attitude and a hip personality.

Think Hard Rock Hotel meets Ed’s Beds.

Decorate each room with album covers, song lyrics and wall art depicting famous bands. Paint a wild horses mural in the Rolling Stones room. Put Tom Petty’s smiling face on ‘his’ front door. Designate parking spaces for John & Paul outside The Beatles’ room. Hang a disco ball above the BeeGees’ bed. And post a sign near the motel’s exit that reads:

You can check out any time you like – but you won’t want to leave.

Beau Phillips is President of Rainmaker Media. 
He’s a creative marketing consultant, strategist and speaker.
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