We’ve Reached Rock Bottom

This is the homepage of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame website. It proudly states their mission to honor “the people who shaped the history of rock & roll.”

Like Abba.  

It seems like the Rock Hall only exists to support a tourist attraction. How did this coveted award become so meaningless? I won’t debate which artists belong in this exclusive club. But I’ll tell you who doesn’t: Those who’ve done nothing to shape the history of rock & roll.

Speaking of, Eminem is now eligible for induction. Slim Shady propelled hip-hop into the mainstream. But he did nothing to advance rock. And fellow rapper Jay Z is no match for Led Z. But I digress.

Rock Hall voters seem convinced that all of the great rock acts have already been inducted. Rather than acknowledge those who’ve been snubbed, they’re expanding their musical boundaries. But in trying to please everyone, they satisfy no one. Just like the Grammys.

We’ve reached rock bottom.

Here’s my take. Are the Eagles in the Country Hall of Fame? Is Michael McDonald in the R&B Hall? You could argue they deserve to be.

But you’ve got to draw the line somewhere. So, acknowledge those who truly deserve it. Not a musical grab bag.

This isn’t about ‘evolving’, as the new regime claims. It’s about respect. Induction into the Rock Hall should be reserved for the most influential rock artists. Period. Otherwise we’re comparing apples and orangutans.

Here’s a thought. Why not add a pop wing to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? And hip-hop. Honor everyone from Bieber to Biggie. Consider the revenue streams!

Just think, a whole new crowd might discover the wonders of Cleveland.

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