What’s The Big Idea?

This blog is called REVERB because reverberation is the secret to getting noticed.

In order to be heard above the clutter, your idea must land like a pebble in a pond, sending out ripples.  Very few resonate and spread, while most fall into the void, unnoticed.

Reverberation requires a simple, clever strategy, imagination and creative wizardry.

For example:

We worked with Snuggle fabric softener and learned how women hate doing laundry. So, we offered to ‘lighten their load’ with free service for a year. Just stuff your dirty clothes in a sack and they’re returned cleaned and folded. Snuggle felt like a hero for solving a real problem and making their customers’ lives better.

The cost? Just $1,000. The response? Incredible.

We were involved in the launch of Nintendo’s Wii. The plan was to get people from 8 to 80 to try their interactive gaming system. Seriously? They expect seniors to play video games?

Yes, and it worked. Big time.

Soon, senior centers were a hotbed of Wii bowling and tennis tournaments. Turns out that Nintendo gave old folks a fun reason to get off the couch, burn some caloriers and beat the crap out of their friends.

We created an idea for Snapple and took over a Boston radio station for the summer. Snapple paid to wipe out all commercials and just play great songs. We re-branded the station and DJs hosted concerts (free with a Snapple cap). By September, Boston was buzzin’. Snapple’s sales were way up. The station’s ratings exploded. And AdWeek awarded us their top creative promotion award.

Here’s my take: Forget about being liked. When you’re loved, you get shared. So, focus on big ideas that engage people.

Be Contagious. Be Provocative. Be Disruptive. REVERBerate.

Beau Phillips is President of Rainmaker Media. 
He’s a creative marketing consultant, strategist and speaker.
Reach him at 203-256-9347   

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