When In Doubt, Trust Your Dog

If my dog doesn’t like someone, I probably won’t either.

It seems that dogs have an uncanny ability to read people. Even happy dogs start acting weird if they get a bad vibe. Their natural instinct is to protect their owner and warn us when they detect something’s wrong. So, read their body language. When dogs cower, growl and look wary of someone, there’s a reason. Your dog is saying, ‘I don’t trust this person’.

C’mon, can dogs really sniff out bad actors?

Apparently so. Dogs are intuitive and can sense when something is off. Study after study confirms that dogs can sense negative people on a more intense level than humans. They’re equipped with a sixth sense that reads the true nature of people. Maybe it’s because dogs don’t overthink things. It’s why they gravitate to some people and snarl at others.

Man’s best friend, indeed.

Here’s my take. When I’m getting to know someone, I first ask myself, “would I grab a beer with this person? If that’s a yes, I ask the ultimate question, “would I trust them with my dog for the weekend?”

Beyond being naturally protective of their owners, dogs are perceptive.They have an innate ability to sense danger, even malice. Rescue dogs may have the keenest instincts. Most have been passed through shelters and foster homes. They build up defenses over time and are innately wary. These pups are battle-tested and many have been neglected, or abused. In a twisted sense, these horrible experiences probably sharpen a dog’s intuition.

So, trust your dog to offer protection – not just from bad guys. They will tell you who to trust.

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