White Space Opportunities

White space opportunities are hidden in plain sight. They’re nestled in the cracks between what exists, and what doesn’t…but should. Think Uber, Netflix and Tesla. They swept in and filled a void that we couldn’t imagine.

I was hot on the trail of a white space opportunity, called Beer Country.  Here’s the elevator pitch:

This year, Americans will spend $100+ Billion on beer. Not surprisingly, country music fans love their beer – and proudly celebrate being drunk on a plane and pounding suds with friends in low places. But no country stars endorse a beer. And no beer is brewed, or marketed for country music fans. Rocker Sammy Hagar made a fortune on his Cabo Wabo tequila and Diddy is the face of Ciroc vodka.

Meanwhile, beer outsells all other alcohol, combined.

So, I was determined to create Beer Country; an American-made, tasty beer that’s priced-right. All I needed was a country superstar to join me.

Here’s my take.  I hopped a plane to Nashville and asked the top managers why country music stars don’t have their own beer?

Nobody had an answer. But they sure wanted to be involved, and several artists committed.

After 17 pitches, I found a brewery to produce & distribute our beer. Then, I secured deals with country radio stations to create a buzz and drive traffic.

All of the pieces were in place.

But Beer Country fizzled. It never happened.

Just before the launch, I was derailed by personal issues and folded the venture.

My first beer brand would’ve been called Responsibly. Seems like an odd name until you consider that every beer ad is required, by law, to end with the words ‘drink responsibly’.

So, every commercial would be an indirect plug for our beer.

Beau Phillips is President of Rainmaker Media. 
He’s a creative marketing consultant, strategist and speaker.
Reach him at 203-256-9347   

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