Who Had D-U-M-B-A-S-S On Their Bingo Card?

I recently had an eye-opening experience that inspired today’s blog.

Arizona’s Governor Ducey will leave office in two weeks. But not before staging his last politically-charged act of racism. He ordered construction of a 10-mile wall at the Mexican border. This story is starting to make national news. So, my family and I drove to the southern border and joined the effort to resist Ducey.

While Arizona’s schools are starving for funds, Ducey’s $100 million wall is a string of shipping containers, hastily stacked in the middle of nowhere. It looks like a freight train that went off the rails. The workmanship is so shoddy that if migrants actually crossed in this remote region, they could just walk through the open gaps.

And guess who’s paying for it?

Meanwhile, the wall is built on federal land, a protected buffer along the border. So, Ducey’s wall is not only a political boondoggle, it’s illegal. A shameful dog whistle for hardliners who want to ‘send ‘em back where they came from.’

Here’s my take. We have been fed rhetoric that immigrants are rapists and thugs who flood our country with drugs. I’ve found local immigrants to be kindhearted, hard-working people who just want a better life. As for cartels, they move drugs by plane, boat and through border checkpoints.

Migrants have escaped violence and abject poverty. Your crappy gig would be an immigrant’s dream. Most have family members already living here. So, while our companies are desperate to hire laborers (that American’s don’t want), immigrants are denied that opportunity.

So, please join me in saluting Governor Ducey with the sage words of Pink Floyd.

‘All in all, you’re just another prick with no wall.’

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