Your Ship Came In

Since the pandemic evacuated office towers, more than half of Americans work from home. That shift triggered a housing shortage and prices skyrocketed. Now, it’s hard for many people to find a safe, affordable home.

Ahh, but creative solutions are emerging.

Those empty office towers are being transformed into condos. When life handed them lemons, real estate brokers squeezed fresh revenue from young professionals who want to be closer to the action. Now that the traffic congestion has eased, they want to live near friends. So, watch for a downtown revival.

Now let’s take things up a notch.

Here’s my take. Meet Stackhouse Homes, a team of entrepreneurs who’ve developed a fascinating housing model for people on the move. They’re exploding the myth that everyone wants a white picket-fenced home in the burbs. They target young, mobile professionals who change jobs every few years.

So, their company transforms shipping containers into spectacular homes.

Imagine a 40’ long apartment with 320 square feet of living space. There’s three floor plans to choose from, each furnished with modern appliances, slider windows and a patio.

Here’s where it gets interesting. Each container is fitted into a huge frame, with container neighbors on all sides. Stackhouse is modeled after marinas where each home is an independent module that ‘docks’ into a slip. When the owner wants to move, their container gets extracted, shipped to another city, and slotted into a new building.

Maybe not for everyone. But more than 2,000 names are on the waiting list. People who want the freedom to move – and bring their house with them.

Stackhouse is now in Austin and Denver with more on the way.

Beau Phillips is President of Rainmaker Media. 
He’s a creative marketing consultant, strategist and speaker.
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